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Engine Swaps. Turbo/SC Conversions. Dyno & Mapping. Custom Fabrication.

JDT Automotive Tuning Services

We provide a range of custom garage services from turbo conversions, engine swaps, chassis development, fabrication work, to track preparation and dyno/mapping. Below you can find out more about these services and what we offer. If you are wanting a substantial amount of work done to your car it is always best to consult with JDT prior to buying any parts. Make sure you contact us for a consultation, we are here to help.

Engine Swaps

We carry out a wide range of engine swaps, contact us for advice on your project.

Turbo & Supercharger Conversions

Forced induction is a massive power adder! We know how to make it safe and reliable, we can fit supplied kits or create custom kits for you.

Engine Builds

If you need major engine repairs, rebuilds or simply need to strengthen your engine we have it covered.



Dyno, Mapping & Diagnostic Services

We have extensive experience in diagnosis of all vehicle systems, including engine management. We can also offer power tuning and dyno setup.


Suspension & Chassis Development

We can advise and carry out all manor of suspension and chassis improvements including full geometry setups.



Custom Fabrication Work

At JDT we know how to solve a problem and that often means custom! From the small touches needed inside bay to the larger requirements such as exhaust systems.



Other Services

JDT has a wide array of professional contacts in the automotive industry so if we can’t deliver exactly what you need in house, we know someone that can!



In house gearbox repair and modification is available from resolving shift issues and bearing failures, to LSD installs and gear ratio changes.


Track Prep

Contact us for your race car needs.



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