General Servicing & Repair

Servicing and Repair

JDT Tuning is a local servicing and repair garage for all makes and models of car and high perfomance cars. Regular car servicing is vital to keep your car running, safe. Unlike the MOT test, a service is an inspection of the mechanical components of your vehicle, and by ensuring that everything is running smoothly this can reduce your risk of breakdown and avoidable repair bills.

No matter how old your car is, regardless of complications, we use high quality car parts. Find out more about our services below.

General Inspection

We can inspect your car and give you an honest opinion of the immediate or upcoming work that will be required for your car or prep for an MOT.

Oil Changes

We do a general oil change as well as gearbox oil changes.


We can inspect your coolant and cooling system and advise if you need any replacements.


We can repair or fit new gearboxes at very reasonable prices.


We can replace worn or broken clutches and flywheels at very reasonable prices.

Wheel Alignment

When can make your car straight again and reduce any uneven wear on your tyres.


We can fit and replace suspension items, arms, bushings etc.

Wheels & Alignment

We can inspect tyres, and wheels together with checking the wheel alignment for your car.

Timing and Aux Belts

Your timing and Auxiliary belt wear out over time. These can be labour intensive jobs but essential for your car.

Spark Plugs

We can recommend and fit new spark plugs to your car.


We can inspect and replace brake discs/pads and recommend you the most suitable parts for your car.

Valve Clearances

Valve clearances are essential to the efficiancy of your vehicle.