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Sophie’s Honda S2000 Turbo Build
Sophie’s Honda S2000 is an exceptional, bespoke build where all the parts were carefully selected by JDT, to not only offer performance but to be visually pleasing too. We are specialists in Honda S2000 turbo conversions and offer fantastic rates for the high amount of work involved.


* Photo Credit – Ed Keating


Joey’s Turbocharged S2000

“Justin did the turbo install to my car. Parts supplied to be fitted was GT28 turbo Manifold Turbo downpipe Exhaust system Injectors, Wastegate, AEM V2 ECU Parts. Justin sourced to finish the kit with an uprated stage 5 competition clutch, Intercooler, plus piping, which Justin made custom. Plx gauges, sensor, Boost controller, Uprated fuel pump.

Installed, mapped and dynoed all in one go. The service was great, anything that needed on top of what I bought in was explained in detail. The aftercare service was also great and very responsive. I spent time talking Justin on how to use the AEM programme and how to safely increase boost rate.” * Photo Credit – AMG Photography

Nathan's Honda Accord turbo

Nathan’s Honda Accord Turbo Build

Nathan’s underdog Honda Accord was the car that everyone said was “impossible and wouldn’t be worth the effort.” Justin with all his Honda ‘super powers’ and determination, managed to achieve the impossible and tune the underdog into something very unique and extremely fast to drive. Nathan is certainly pleased with the results and now has a very unique car.

Robynnes Integra

Robynne’s Honda Integra

A regular customer with her beautiful Honda DC5. This Integra has a couple of Mugen modifications and is in very clean condition. JDT Maintain the car with regularly and all services are undertaken by Justin. More recently the car has had Bilstein coilovers fitted. Robynne says “I wouldn’t trust anybody else with my car.”

Nathan's Honda Accord turbo

Chris’s Black Nighthawk DC5

“DC5 Nighthawk black Owned for 2.5 years pretty much been my daily the whole time. Lowered on spoon springs, (The only lowering springs designed for the pre-face lift DC5), Hybrid racing short shifter. EVO8 Enkeis 8J’s wrapped in pilot sport 4’s Tegiwa adjustable rear camber arms and Eibach front camber bolts”.

Mike’s EP3 Supercharged Build

Mike’s car is immaculate, another fine example of JDT’s work with exceptional gains for this model of car. Not only does it have a fantastic clean look it’s performance is exceptional too. with the addition of a supercharger, many carbon fibre parts and near complete catalogue of j’s racing parts. even an S2000 dash display and Cusco roll cage squeezed inside.

Mikes Racecar

Mike’s Racecar

Another car of Mike’s is this exceptionly built Honda EP3 Racecar. A fine example of some of the work undertake to assist customers with Racecar projects, set up and prepration. This car is fully maintined and looked after by JDT Tuning on a regular basis.

James Integra

James’ Honda Integra

“Justin took on the job of my integra DC5 when I decided I wanted a bit more power out of the car, he installed all parts I supplied including Skunk2 inlet manifold/throttle body, mapping the KPRO ECU to give the car 251bhp in a still naturally aspirated K20. Any major or minor job the teg needs, I know it’s in safe hands with JDT’ Tunings work.” * Photo credit HH Visuals

Paul’s Evo
JDT have worked on this car over the past few years doing various types of servicing and repair work such as; clutch and flywheel, mapping, gearbox and differential upgrades.

Photo credit – Ed Keating

Dan’s EP3 Turbo Build
Dan’s turbo build is another high performance turbo conversation that JDT have undertaken. With its green themed engine bay it is an amazing car which Dan built as a tribute to his late brother, a keen petrol head.
Justin’s Honda NSX
One of the most exceptional NSX’s in the UK Justin has undertaken a range of modifications both visually and performance wise on his NSX. If you have an NSX, JDT is the place to go for their specialist knowledge, they have been able to resolve issues for customers that other garages could not.

* Photo Credit – Jordan Richards

Minty’s EP3

Another exceptionally clean car and this time in Mint! with many choice upgrade parts and lots of carbon fiber. We regularly assist with any needed repairs or servicing needs on this beautiful car.

Justin’s Honda S2000 Turbo Build

Justin’s Honda S2000 is another example of a turbo conversion, originally built as a test model for JDT, now sporting a ball bearing precision turbo, AEM ecu range other custom bits he has made, for example the manifold and exhaust system and wide arch kit. This car is super fun to drive and fast too.

Max’s R34 GTR

Max’s R34 GTR is a fine example of one of the many Nissan Skylines JDT works on. Another example that we don’t just work on Honda’s, if its your pride and joy, we will look after it!.

Check out this video of the JDT garage and Sophie’s Honda S2000 filmed by Honda The Engine Room.