JDT Tuning

Turbo/SC Conversions. Dyno & Mapping. Custom Fabrication.

JDT Automotive Tuning Services

We specialise in providing a comprehensive range of personalised garage services specifically tailored for Honda and JDM cars. Our expertise includes turbo and supercharger conversions, engine rebuilds, chassis development, fabrication work, track preparation, and dyno/mapping services, with full access to a dyno. We work with various ECU types such as AEM, Hondata Motorsport Electronics, Link, and Haltech.

To ensure the best results for extensive modifications like turbo or supercharger conversions and engine rebuilds, we highly recommend consulting with JDT before purchasing any parts or kits. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation, as we are dedicated to assisting you. We also request that customers book this type of work with us well in advance due to limited availability.

While we can procure parts for your vehicle at competitive prices, it’s important to note that some rarer JDM import cars may pose challenges in sourcing specific parts and be a very time consuming task. We are an extremely popular and busy working garage so in such cases, we welcome customers’ assistance in finding suitable parts to reduce delays. However, it remains the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correctness of these parts for their vehicle.


Dyno, Mapping & Diagnostic Services

We have full access to a dyno and provide dyno/mapping services for mainly Honda & JDM cars only (ECU types – AEM, Hondata Motorsport Electronics, Link, Haltech).



Turbo & Supercharger Conversions

We can fit supplied kits or create custom kits for you. However, it is important to acknowledge that these endeavors require meticulous attention and time, resulting in limited availability due to high demand.


Engine Re-Builds

If you need major engine repairs, rebuilds or simply need to strengthen your engine we have it covered. Please ensure to book this type of work with us well in advance as this can take time for us to undertake.







In house gearbox repair and modification is available from resolving shift issues and bearing failures, to LSD installs and gear ratio changes.


Custom Fabrication Work

At JDT we know how to solve a problem and that often means custom! From the small touches needed inside bay to the larger requirements such as exhaust systems.


Suspension & Chassis Development

We can advise and carry out all manor of suspension and chassis improvements including full geometry setups.